Movement Media has access to significant levels of legal experience. This experience expands both confrontational and transactional scenarios which has been honed over years of work with thousands of clients in diverse and complicated situations.  Our company will help you know what to say and what not to say when negotiating contracts. Since clients don’t know what they don’t know, we also do the homework to prepare clients to enter into contracts with other media partners. Rather than having to acquire legal representation from a different sources altogether, Movement Media and Management provides in-house counsel to assist in the interpretation, analysis, and execution of agreements.


It is often said that the “devil is in the details.” Interpreting numbers of a contract is often more valuable than the specific contract terms themselves. Movement media has the experience and know-how to help clients avoid common financial pitfalls that often manifest themselves when forming a contractual relationships. Our company will help you plan for the future and implement a carefully formed strategy to assure you’re receiving the proper value for your craft.

Strategic Planning

Movement media seeks to be a partner in your career. Our goal is to continually improve, expand, and enhance your media brand. We seek to form strategic alliances which will provide the necessary catalysts for sustained future opportunities. Most of all, we strive to foresee upcoming media trends and assist our clients adjust and adapt to new realities as they arise.

Talent Development and Management

Now that you have developed your capabilities, let’s push the envelope.

Our company will help you implement a strategic plan to get you from successful to epic. We make sure our clients are taking full advantage of the wide array of communication formats. Whether that be through social media (such as Twitter, Facebook, or blogs) or audio/video opportunities (such as podcasts or video blogs), our company will help you continually improve and strengthen your product. We help bridge the gap between your intentions and your actions.  We help make your ideas a reality by acquiring the necessary resources, building the teams and providing scheduled accountability to assure that your career is continually moving forward.